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Priya Patel

Priya Patel is a Solicitor Advocate practising in general and high-profile criminal defence work as well as specialist fraud panel cases, MHRA prosecutions and white-collar crime. She has acted in such cases as an advocate in the magistrates’, youth and crown courts. She is also a Duty Solicitor.

Priya has extensive experience in all criminal defence work, ranging from petty offences to more serious offences such as murder, white-collar crime (DTI, SFO, HMRC), large-scale benefit fraud, confiscation, extradition, firearm offences, rape, drug importation, money laundering and multi-handed high-cost cases. She has in particular dealt with cases involving an international element and has attended other jurisdictions in order to secure evidence.

Priya has conducted a vast amount of research in complex areas of law, preparation and advocacy in such cases. She has frequently acted as led junior Advocate in large and complex cases involving fraud, money laundering and conspiracies of different kinds.

Priya’s appellate practice involves preparation of appeals, including drafting grounds of appeal against conviction and sentence to the Court of Appeal.

Priya has prepared many cases where foreign nationals have been accused of importing drugs from South Africa, South America, the West Indies, Africa and other countries. She has practical knowledge of the operational techniques and practices deployed by customs in this field. She is also familiar with the complex rules and procedures surrounding Witness Protection Units (WPU) and law enforcement debriefing procedures.

She is also a Criminal Law supervisor and has extensive experience in contracting, taxation and has advocated at cost committee hearings in relation to prior authorities and costing.

She has recently undertaken pro bono work for the charity Fair Trials International (the registered charity that allows UK nationals imprisoned abroad to assert their legal rights) and is acting as advising Junior advocate for a British National jailed in India for alleged in trafficking dangerous and psychotropic drugs. The charity Hibiscus Initiatives (the registered charitable trust that supports jailed women overseas) based at HMP Bronzfield has often referred women to her to seek advice.

Priya has also undertaken some preparation of civil fraud cases, civil litigation and immigration work.

Neumans LLP Priya Patel

Priya Patel


  • 2004    Police Station & Court Duty Solicitor
  • 2003    Higher Rights Qualification (All Proceedings)
  • 2003    Solicitor-Advocate (All Proceedings), College of Law/Law Society
  • 2002    Admission on the Roll of Solicitors, Law Society
  • 2000    Diploma in Law, College of Law
  • 1999    LLB (Hons), Middlesex University


  • English
  • Gujurati
  • Hindi
  • Punjabi
  • Urdu


  • Super Lawyers list 2013


Fraud/Money Laundering

  • Regina v Ajit Manga & Others 2004 – Harrow Crown Court
    Laundering of proceeds of criminal conduct, with surveillance by Customs and Excise indicating laundering in the region of millions of pounds. The case involved complex issues of challenging relevance of mass spec testing on bank notes and contesting the methodology adopted by the Crown. These submissions were successful and relevant for the purposes of sentence. The defendant pleaded guilty and was sentenced accordingly. Miss Patel prepared the case and conducted all advocacy.
  • Regina v Migual Casal & Other 2004/2005 – Southwark Crown Court
    Large-scale operation to launder proceeds of crime through money exchange bureaux, with 21 defendants in total. The case involved large amounts of cash totalling millions being sent back to Columbia via money exchange businesses, with various defendants arrested with large amounts of Class A drugs, indicating that the money was from proceeds of drug sales. A large volume of complex evidence, varying from documentary evidence to CD's and exhibits.
    Miss Patel undertook a substantial part of the preparation of the case, including dealing with a complex S.8 application for disclosure of the de-briefing tapes of the Crown's main witness, who was an informant. It was apparent from the transcripts of the de-brief tapes that a vast amount of questionable edits had occurred. The Crown as a result decided not to use their main witness and offer all defendants less serious offences. The defendant therefore pleaded to a less serious charge and no trials took place. All prep and advocacy.
  • R v Gary Haywood 2007 – Kingston Crown Court
    Conspiracy involving trademark offences, Medicines Act offences, EU regulation offences and money laundering. The case entailed an international conspiracy to import and distribute counterfeit medicines mainly consisting of Viagra, Propecia and Cialis. There were 12 defendants in total, of which 7 were tried. The nature of the evidence was complex, involving complicated patent/trademark/EU related law, pharmaceutical regulatory law, banking and other financial money trails/schedules, numerous witnesses, international evidence, counterfeit evidence, scientific evidence and computer data/records. Complex confiscation proceedings. All preparation and advocacy.
  • R v Kamran Ghori 2011 – Snaresbrook Crown Court
    The case involved large amounts of counterfeit clothing with organised concealment and distribution through online sales as well as clothing stores owned by the defendant. The case involved numerous money trails through accounting records, companies, eBay financial data, banking records and purchased properties. A contested confiscation took place, with complex arguments in relation to the benefit figure being calculated at the value of a genuine designer garment, as supposed to the sale price. Hidden assets were also dealt with as part of the confiscation. Full prep and all advocacy.
  • R v John William Martinez-Diaz 2007 – Kingston Crown Court
    This case involved a conspiracy to import drugs involving 10 defendants. Miss Patel conducted research and draft skeleton arguments for an autrefois convict argument. The defendant maintained that he had already been convicted and served his sentence for money laundering. The Judge reduced the sentence and was guided by authority submitted as part of the autrefois convict argument. Full prep and all advocacy.
  • R v Labin Shikdar 2011 – Central Criminal Court
    Fraud case involving an employee of Barclays Bank providing banking details to the other two defendants in order for them to remove money from customer accounts. Miss Patel prepared the case and conducted all advocacy in the matter.
  • R v Georgina Marvel 2011 – Guildford Crown Court
    The case involved the lead defendant using a number of other individuals to sell counterfeit goods via a number of eBay accounts. The defendant, a mother of three, maintained she had no knowledge that the goods sold on her eBay account and the monies she gave to the co-defendant were proceeds of crime. The computer IP addresses confirmed that the accounts were not accessed from the defendant's home. The defendant was found not guilty on all counts. Full prep and all advocacy.
  • R v Stephen Hunter-Scott 2011 – Confiscation ongoing – Harrow Crown Court
    This case involved a complex mortgage fraud whereby the defendant and others purported to pose as genuine buyers of properties on sale, obtained mortgage advances totalling to just under £1million and then transferred and laundered the proceeds. The contested confiscation involved preferential debts in relation to bankruptcy, S.10 assumption to applied involving the money trails of numerous bank accounts, unaccounted cash transactions, hidden assets, company accounts and numerous tainted gifts. Full prep and all advocacy.
  • R v Safa Ba-Seidi 2011 – Central Criminal Court:
    This case involved vast amounts of compound powders being delivered to the defendant's home address, some of which were mixing agents for cocaine whilst others were controlled drugs. Further, large amounts of cash were found at the defendant's premises and in his car. An application by the Crown to seize the cash was successfully opposed by providing a money trail as to the legitimacy of the money and the money-laundering charge discontinued.
  • R v Mohammed Alalyan 2012 – Isleworth Crown Court:
    The defendant, an A&E consultant, self-prescribed an inhaler in Boots. He had been registered with the GMC, but forgot to pay his renewal fee. Upon self-prescribing, he showed his old hospital ID to prove he was qualified to self-prescribe. There was no issue as to his qualification save the lack of paying his fee. Representations at an early stage were made to the Crown that it was not in the public interest to prosecute this case. These were rejected and case was listed at the Crown Court. A detailed and extensive skeleton argument was prepared with numerous authorities and served on the Crown and the Court. The Crown, after considering this document, discontinued the case, stating it was not in the public interest to prosecute. Full prep and all advocacy.




  • R v Seyi Runsewe 2013 – Central Criminal Court
    This case involved an organised group who purchased large amounts of credit card data from websites and then used some of it to purchase items. The case involved large scale organised fraud and was sentenced on that basis. Full preparation and all advocacy.

General Crime Advocacy

  • R v Nitin Patel 2008 – Blackfriars Crown Court
    Conspiracy involving numerous armed bank (firearms) and retail store robberies. The case involved cell site evidence, surveillance and large amounts of cash stolen from various banks and retail stores. Full trial preparation and some advocacy.
  • R v Yusuf Dullo 2009 – Kingston Crown Court
    This case involved the victim having petrol thrown on him and being set alight. As a result of his injuries the victim died. Issues raised for the defendant involved detailed analysis of cell site evidence, which was central to the case. Full trial preparation and some advocacy on the case.
  • R v Jodie Cuthbert 2011 – Blackfriars Crown Court
    This case involved a group of youths who detained the victim in a house, where an assault also took place on her. A successful bad character application was made to adduce a video, which showed the victim seriously assaulting another. Full trial preparation and all advocacy.
  • R v Axel Doumbia 2011 – Central Criminal Court
    The case involved the robbery of cash in a transit van making a delivery to a bank. There were numerous ID issues in the case as well as cell site, CCTV and smart water evidence. Full trial preparation and all advocacy.
  • R v Julio Osario 2013 – Southwark Crown Court
    The case involved an allegation of the defendant glassing the victim with a wine bottle, causing extensive injuries to the victim, who had to have plastic surgery. The defendant maintained he was defending himself. The CCTV showed the defendant being assaulted prior to the allegation by the victim and thrown across the road. Issues arose as to the admissibility of photos not taken by the police of the victim's injuries and the authenticity of the same. Full trial preparation and all advocacy.
  • R v Ayaz Ghuree 2012 – Inner London Crown Court
    The case involved a large network of individuals organising sham marriages, so that individuals could remain in the UK. Preparation involved major continuity issues with the numerous documents seized, which led to the Crown discontinuing the case three weeks into trial. A vast amount of documents had either been compromised or not disclosed anywhere in the Crowns evidence. Full trial preparation and some advocacy undertaken.
  • R v Ahmed Ahmed 2013 – Central Criminal Court
  • The case involved two groups of youths, where various assaults and stabbings took place. Complex legal arguments arose as to admissibility of DNA evidence, the impact on the exclusion of co-defendant DNA on the murder weapon, upon the defendant's case and severance of one of the co-defendants. There were also other complex submissions as to a separate conspiracy charge, dealing with detailed pathology evidence and the cross-examination points arising from the same. Full trial preparation and some advocacy undertaken.

Solicitor Experience

  • Regina v Raja Khan & Other – Leeds Crown Court 2001-2004
    The case involved 24 defendants who were charged with conspiracy to launder proceeds of criminal conduct. The case ran for approximately 2 ½ years. The allegations involved international money laundering of proceeds of mainly Class A drugs and other criminal activities, to the value of £700 million.
  • Reginav Atique Shahin & Ghulam Shahin & Others – Guildford Crown 2003/2004
    Represented both clients and had full conduct of the case. The case involved four defendants in the laundering of money stolen by the defendants' brother from the post office depot.
  • Regina v Rabindera Anandh 2001
    This case involved allegations of a large-scale fraud running into millions of pounds lost by the NHS through the defendant who was an optician submitting fraudulent eye test claims. There were hundreds of charges and extensive allegations. Further complex issues arose when the Crown challenged his qualification and therefore his authority to act as an optician. The defendant died before trial and the NHS took a civil action against his estate. There were also restraint orders in the High Court.
  • Regina v Mohammed Atique – Isleworth Crown Court 2003/2004
    This case involved laundering of money in and out of the jurisdiction. The main complexity of this case was the source of the money, as the client's father owned extensive businesses in Turkey and the client maintained that this money was the proceeds of legitimate business. The Crown had no evidence as to the source of the funds but simply alleged proceeds of criminal conduct due to it being suspicious carrying such an amount onto an aircraft. The case involved cross-jurisdictional issues as to banking and business.
  • Regina v Maya Ramchurn – Woodgreen Crown Court 2003/2004
    The client was charged with false accounting, involving the transfer of £20,000 to the applicant's account, which was then withdrawn by a male in the form of a cash draft to an estate agency. The defendant was acquitted of the allegation after having a jury trial. Priya had full conduct of this case and undertook all preparation, including advocacy in the Crown Court.
  • R v Angela Master – Harrow CC
    Death by dangerous driving. Successful dismissal application regarding voluntary acceleration on Crowns own expert report. Priya acted as Advocate on most hearings and was conducting Solicitor on the case.
  • R v Cronje – Croydon CC
    Importation of Class A drugs. Complex duress with voluntary exposure by being a drug addict. The threat involved a gang rape by six and serious assaults. Duress Law distinguished. Special measures application for South African video link completed and other hearings as advocate. Priya attended South Africa in order to secure defence evidence. Priya was conducting Solicitor on the case and undertook some of the advocacy in the Crown Court.
  • R v Mare – Isleworth CC
    Importation of Class A drugs. Complex duress case involving duress and linked case in South Africa where defendant's husband indicted on similar charges. Psychiatric issues also predominant as part of duress. Special measures application for South African video link completed and other hearings as advocate. Priya attended South Africa in order to secure defence evidence.
  • R v Melon Benjamin – Isleworth CC
    5 Kilo importation of Class A drugs. 85-year-old man dying of cancer. Issues of staying of indictment and fitness were explored. Trial went ahead and defendant acquitted on no knowledge. Priya was conducting Solicitor on the case and undertook some of the advocacy in the Crown Court.